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It's usually never about the story idea...

It's the structure–the way in which we are telling it–that sometimes gets in the way of progress.⁠

Hello and welcome! You've probably found your way here because you're serious about writing (and completing!) your novel manuscript. You have a story that's just waiting to be shared, with a big dream of publication. And you very much want to see this dream realized!'re having trouble getting the story that's in your head onto the page.


This isn't just about getting your novel written (which I know you're ready to do!). It's about crafting a strong manuscript from the start, in order to save you from so many hair-pulling iterations on the back end.


It's about having...

💫Solid story structure 


💫 A clear roadmap

...for writing forward.


 Let's get you writing forward with CLARITY & CONFIDENCE!

The following are ways I can support you.👇🏻

natalie-puls-photography-nicole-2023-26 copy.jpg

Hi there, I'm Nicole.

I'm all about supporting YOU on your novel writing journey.

Here's the thing...

Writing is hard. Writing a full-length novel manuscript is even harder.


I know this because I have four published novels (and multiple drafts hiding in drawers). ⁠


What I wished I had during this time was someone to be my sounding board, developmental editor, expert in my genre, and co-strategist.

That’s why I created my book coaching  programs.


I help fiction writers get clear on their

big story idea, complete their

novel manuscripts, and follow their

publishing dreams.

You deserve to have your writing supported. I'd love to help you!

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