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WFWA Giveaway!

Take a deep dive into your first 25 pages with this partial developmental edit. With this package, you'll receive:


  • Big-picture feedback on your manuscript pages.

  • In-line comments with actionable suggestions on sentences and scenes.

  • Notes on POV, story structure, character development, and style.

  • 30-minute coaching call to go over the feedback.


Hi there, I'm Nicole.

I'm all about supporting YOU on your novel writing journey.

Here's the thing...

Writing is hard. Writing a full-length novel manuscript is even harder.


I know this because I have four published novels (and multiple drafts hiding in drawers). ⁠


What I wished I had during this time was someone to be my sounding board, developmental editor, expert in my genre, and co-strategist.

That’s why I created my book coaching  programs.


I help fiction writers get clear on their big story idea, complete their novel manuscripts, and follow their publishing dreams.

You deserve to have your writing supported. I'd love to help you!

"I am so grateful for Nicole. She helped me transform my manuscript from a convoluted mess into a focused, compelling story."

- Maggie Barbour

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