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Summer VIP Days

This offer is for fiction writers buzzing with inspiration but short on time! If you're ready to dive headfirst into your novel, and craving 1:1 coaching to supercharge your writing, you've come to the right place. Let's make major strides on that manuscript together!


✍🏻 Are you a novelist who dreams of completing your first manuscript but finds it challenging to get started?


✍🏻 Does the thought of organizing your ideas, crafting compelling characters, and plotting a story that keeps readers hooked seem overwhelming?


You’re not alone, and I'm here to help.

Imagine having a guide who walks you through every step of building your story's foundation, from brainstorming to mapping out the plot and character journey.

Aaaaand...imagine doing all of this in one customized afternoon, to get you on your way 3x as fast!


That’s exactly what my VIP DAYS offer. 


Introducing SUMMER VIP DAYS!

Inside this 1-day working session, we’ll:

  • Nail your story’s genre, audience, and message

  • Develop your story’s custom narrative arc

  • Map out your protagonist’s unique journey

  • Identify actionable next steps so you can move full steam ahead and draft your story

All of the above usually takes writers weeks, if not months, to nail down on their own. In ONE day we'll tackle these story elements together and get you on your way faster.


Whether you just have a seed of an idea or a partially written draft, this fast-track option will get you focused and moving ahead at lightning speed.⚡️

Book your complimentary call here and we’ll chat all about it!


Investment: $1,200

*Limited availability. Summer months only.

"The program walked me--a 100% pantser-- through a user-friendly guide to plotting and outlining, something I desperately needed. I now have the skills to write forward and am looking forward to tackling my next project."

- J. Babula, writer 

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