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Small Group Mentorship 

A 6-month program for fiction writers who want to conceptualize and craft their novel manuscript with clarity, confidence & community (that’s a lot of C’s!).

Imagine how excited you’ll feel when you finally have that roadmap to getting your big story idea out of your head and onto the page…


Without spinning your creative wheels over endless online courses, internet how-to’s, and contradictory critique groups…




You finally begin writing forward with clarity and confidence...




Doing it all with the guidance of a multi-published author and certified book coach, along with a community of like-minded fiction writers who are chasing the dream of being published (just like you!).


Does this sound like what you’re looking for?

Image by Kelly Sikkema
"I am so grateful for Nicole. She helped me transform my manuscript from a convoluted mess into a focused, compelling story. Not only does Nicole exhibit a deep knowledge of the craft, she illustrates a true understanding and compassion for the mental struggles that writers face. She has lived experience, and her insight into the world of publishing is invaluable. I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking to really grow as a writer."

- Maggie Barbour, writer

What we'll cover

Here's a glimpse at what we'll focus on:

  • Common roadblocks

  • Setting up good writing habits

  • Identifying your deep-level WHY

  • Getting clear on your story’s point

  • Understanding audience & marketplace

  • A dive into story structure

  • A closer look at character development

  • Creating a satisfying arc of change

  • Tools & strategies for effective revisions

  • How to find beta readers

  • How to brand yourself as an author

  • Deciding a publishing path that’s right for you

Who's it for?

This program is right for you if you're:

  • In the process of writing a novel (just starting out or stuck halfway through).

  • Wanting to level up your storytelling craft.

  • Wanting to be a part of a like-minded community.

  • Seeking support, accountability, and guidance from a trained book coach and editor.

  • Open to a group setting online.

  • Able to dedicate time (1x per week for 6 months + your own writing time).

Note: In order to keep this mentorship intentional, enrollment is by application only.

How does it work?

This group program runs FOR SIX MONTHS and is: 


  • Part Community

  • Part Craft

  • Part Coaching

Plus it offers…

  • Group coaching calls on Zoom with trainings and Q&A

  • Private Slack channel to connect with your writing community




I’ll also share industry insight from both my traditional and hybrid publication experiences as well as working with a literary agent.




The option to purchase a full developmental edit on your manuscript at a special rate.


A bit about your coach

Hi writer, I'm Nicole.

I'm an author and certified book coach. And, here's the tough truth: I have written multiple novel manuscripts that didn't make it. ⁠Each one started with all kinds of good intentions and creative inspiration. But they were lacking. ⁠

Looking back, I can see I wasn't clear on things like:⁠ ⁠

✍🏻 My deep-level WHY⁠

✍🏻 My story's message⁠

✍🏻 My scene structure⁠

✍🏻 My character's arc of change⁠ ⁠

Thankfully, three of my novels (and a new one to come!) included enough to get published and engage readers. ⁠But if I only knew then what I know now!⁠ ⁠That's why, these days, I LOVE being a certified book coach and developmental editor for fiction writers. I show up for writers in the way that I needed during those failed manuscripts.⁠ ⁠ ⁠


And, with a combination of craft and mindset, we turn things around!⁠

What to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Image by 2H Media

Why 6 Months?

As a writer, I know it takes me roughly 6-8 months to write a book and 2-3 months of edits. As a book coach, I see that it takes my writing clients close to the same amount of time. Many writers sign up for my monthly coaching, thinking they just need a quick "boost," but they wind up staying for longer in order to get the full support they need. My 6-month program is high-touch and robust, giving you craft, mindset, and strategy, all within a supportive and engaging container.

Image by Cathryn Lavery

Why Meet Weekly?

I know from experience that when writers have consistent support & accountability, they thrive. Sadly, I've seen too many writers with wonderful intentions slip on their writing routine and the work suffers. They wind up letting time go by in between pages and feel paralyzed when returning to the work. The result is a spiral of self-doubt and confusion. Meeting weekly gives writers structure and accountability, so they can write forward with clarity & confidence.

Image by Sincerely Media

What if I Miss Calls?

It's preferred that writers show up for as many calls as they can make, because accountability and group support are what make this program so special. However, I know life gets busy. Because of this, calls will be recorded for anyone who wants to watch the replays.

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