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I provide fiction writers with support, accountability & developmental editing, to help get their book publication ready.

Hello and welcome! I’m so happy you’re here. You've probably found your way to this page because you're serious about writing (and completing!) your novel manuscript. You have a story that's just waiting to be shared, with a big dream of publication. And you very much want to see this dream realized!

But perhaps you're experiencing one or more more of the following:

  • You’ve stepped away for too long and now feel paralyzed

  • Your manuscript is full of scenes, but they lack continuity

  • The scenes don’t always have a clear point and it’s affecting narrative drive

  • You're not 100% sure you've nailed the story structure in a compelling way

  • You’re working in a bubble and wish you had some kind of helpful feedback

  • You’re wishing you had support in order to strategize next steps

If this sounds familiar, I’ve got good news. It’s not your creativity that’s lacking, it’s the foundational story elements and writerly support that need a boost.

This is why I created my book coaching and developmental editing programs. I LOVE connecting with fiction writers in order to support their goals.


I'm proud to be an Author Accelerator Certified Fiction Book Coach, through the Book Coach Certification Program. ​While I work in different genres, my strengths lie in upmarket fiction, women's fiction, and contemporary fiction. 

Check out my services to see how I might best support your writing journey!

My monthly book coaching program offers an individualized, high-touch approach to the novel writing process. Through collaborative conversation,  editorial feedback, and instructive coaching, I'm here to help transform your story from good to great!


Take a deep dive into your novel manuscript with this developmental edit. With this package, you'll receive writing support in the form of either a partial or a full manuscript assessment.


My six-month mentorship program is for fiction writers who want to conceptualize and craft their novel manuscript with clarity, confidence & community.


If you're seeking support in one particular area of your writing process, this one-time, individualized coaching call is for you! Together, we'll focus in on your current roadblock and how to move past it with actionable next steps.

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